Just Between Friends - shop, sell, save, smart!


All consignors shop early AND get to bring a friend with them!  Plus, consignors can earn up to 75% on their sold items if they help at the sale and participate in our referral program!  Our average consignor sells over $500, so it's like getting their presale shopping spree for FREE! 

Don't have time to consign?  That's OK--sign up for valet tagging and let JBF do the work for you!  EMail annettemaskrod@jbfsale.com for more info

For more info on consigning, click here.  To register as a consignor and start tagging, click here.

Consignor and Friend shop time:  Tuesday 11am-8pm (CHILDREN WELCOME!)

Help at the Sale--JBF BFF

JBF BFF's are consignors that help a minimum of 4 hours at the sale  They earn more and shop earlier!  We have a wide range of tasks, days, and times available to fit both physical and time constraints.  Or if you are too busy and can't help at the sale, we have bartered items you can bring instead to earn the 4 hours.  Some 4 hours shifts are worth double, so you can really rack up the hours quickly! 

The more hours you help, the earlier you shop, and it's super fun to hang out with other moms at the sale!  For a list of shifts/barters available, register as a "JBF BFF" in your profile. Or email annettemaskrod@jbfsale.com with questions or to customize a shift.

JBF BFF Presale Schedule: (Please note that children are not permitted at JBF BFF presales UNLESS they are worn or UNLESS you are a 24 hour JBF BFF bringing a teen shopping the JUNIORS clothing.  This is our way to provide all of you that have worked so hard with a quiet Mom's day/night out!)

*24hr Monday 6pm-9pm 

*20hr Monday 7pm-9pm

*16hr Tuesday 9am-8pm

*12hr Tuesday 9:30am-8pm

*8hr Tuesday 10am-8pm

*4hr Tuesday 10:30am-8pm


Register for your Free Presale Pass!

We honor several special guests at our presale including, Cox and Mercy employees, Military/Police, Teachers, Foster Parents, and First Time Parents/Grandparents.  If you qualify, click HERE to order your free presale pass for the upcoming event.  Or, if you want to be able to easily qualify for EVERY presale, create a profile and sign up on our website HERE. You'll get email notices every time we open registration for an event.

Honored Guest Presale Schedule (CHILDREN WELCOME!):

*Cox Staff 12-8pm with badge & pass

*Mercy Staff 1-8pm with badge & pass

*Military/Police  2-8pm with badge & pass

*Teachers 3-8pm with badge & pass

*Foster Parents 4-8pm with ID & pass

*First Time Parents/Grandparents 5-8pm (pregnant or child under 12mo)


Purchase a Prime Time Presale Pass!

Although the BEST way to shop early is to consign with us so you are getting to MAKE MONEY WHILE YOU SAVE MONEY, we understand some just don't have the time! So we created the Prime Time Presale Pass for those that prefer to pay for entry to the presale after the consignors shop. 

Just bring $10 cash to the door and you can shop the bargains before the public.  The $10 also gets you a FREE pass to shop the 50% off merchandise Friday night!  This is also a great option if you qualify for a presale pass but want to bring someone who doesn't qualify!

Prime Time Presale Time:  Tuesday 12pm-8pm (children welcome) and 50% off Friday 7pm-9pm (Please note that we do not allow children on FRIDAY unless they are worn or are teens shopping JUNIORS clothing, since this is also our JBF BFF presale time.  We try to honor those that have worked all week at the sale with a quiet "Mom's night out" atmosphere! Thank you for understanding!)



Annette & Stephanie


Phone:  (417) 425-7329


Welcome to Just Between Friends Springfield!  To better serve you, please direct consigning, vendor, sales transaction, and check questions to Stephanie.  Please direct questions on bartering, JBF BFF’s, inspection perfection, valet tagging, and presale passes to Annette