JBF Springfield Pick 5 Program

Bring any 5 of these TOP SELLERS and earn 100% of your first $100 sold!

All items must be in like-new condition and meet JBF pricing & quality specifications to qualify.

Check this list every sale, as top sellers may change from time to time.

Limited Spots Available. See below for program details. VALET CONSIGNORS DO NOT QUALIFY.

Once You Are Sure You Want to Participate:

1. You'll submit the form  with the info on the 5+ items that qualify (button below).
2.  I'll check your tags to make sure you have them entered prior to the sale.
3. You'll bring the items to me at drop off so I can check them in.
4. When recalls and "no-thank-you's" are pulled, I'll confirm all of yours qualified.
5. I'll add the money into your check so that your first $100 is configured at 100%.

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